Our Kitchen: Before and After

On October 29, 2016 (Walter's 30th birthday), it happened. We moved into our house! We celebrated by a having a moving in/ birthday party. Walter's gifts were helping hands cleaning and moving our furniture and boxes. 

We love it here, but it did take some mental adjusting before it felt like home. We are almost a month in and still putting the small things in place (but according to most you will always be fixing or working on something). 

Today, I'm going to show you the kitchen. I think on the first post, I had said we would be keeping the trim and not much else. Well, we didn't keep anything. Absolutely everything in the kitchen is new from the plumbing and electric to the floor and the ceiling. 

Enough words. I know my readers want pictures. You probably didn't even read this intro.

Before: The kitchen cabinets were small. The exit from the kitchen was a doorway which led to a tiny hall. There was one flush mount light in the center of the room. A layers of laminate flooring covered the slightly water damaged hardwood.
After: What didn't we do to this kitchen? We pulled up the laminate flooring. We tore down every wall.  It is completely replumbed and rewired. We narrowed the kitchen, but opened it by removing some of the left wall. We also opened the back door way Instead of flush mount lighting, we went with recessed lights.
Before: Because of two of the windows being full size, cabinets had to be put wherever they'd fit. There was an upper cabinet over the stove (plus the cabinets were mismatched). The stove, washer, and dryer sat beside the cabinets, with the washer and dryer partially covering the window. 
After: We raised the windows higher to allow more cabinet space. We removed the upper cabinets and added a range hood. Instead of a counter top with a back splash, we chose subway tile. 

Before: Whether you used the front or the back door, you had to walk through the kitchen to get to other rooms in the house. Having a front door and a doorway leading to the living room caused even more  hardships when designing our kitchen. I wanted functional with little wasted space, and this kitchen just seemed to have too many spaces that couldn't be used. 

After: It was hard to get the same type of shot as above here since the kitchen is narrower now. We moved the wall in so the front door would not be inside the kitchen. Instead of entering the living room here, we created a u-shape and added ceiling height upper cabinets, a fridge with upper cabinets, and a small pantry cabinet next to the fridge (not pictured).

Before: Here you can see one of the full length windows and the house's front door. 

After: We raised the window allowing for more cabinets under the window. Both windows that we shortened are now casement windows. We scooted the right wall over  to keep the front doorway out. It definitely made us lose space, but helped make the kitchen more functional. We created a galley kitchen feel. (You can also see the pantry cabinet here.)
It looks like a completely different room now. It's cozy, but I can do everything I need in it. I love my little kitchen!

We are so thankful for this home. God has blessed us.
Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Love you new home! So glad you finally got time to post the good news about moving in!


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