The Big ONE!


Oscar turned one last week. He's grown and changed so much over a year. He is curious, loves music, walks, animal sounds, being chased and eating. Reading and tearing things apart are his favorite pastimes. He's full of smiles, especially when he first wakes up. He understands a lot of words, and his speaking vocabulary is increasing (Mama, Dada, blue, poo, book, spoon, up, bye, hey, ball, bubbles, go, and, our favorite, I love you). He has five teeth and is cutting two more. His favorite color is blue (because that's the one he can say best). His favorite food is blueberries (again because he can say it). His unhealthy obsessions are: Sesame Street (songs only), getting into trash cans, and sticks-- oh, and, of course, his pacifier with the giraffe attached. He could have been born in the 80's or 90's because he carries around a toy boom box.    


Happy 1st Oscar! 


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