Bare Bones No More

Our poor house has not had drywall since July 2013. Over two years, people! Why you ask? Two big reasons-- time and money. We lacked both.

A lot of time was spent designing the new floor plan (not to mention arguing about it, changing it, changing it again, arguing some more...) and, of course, building it.

Because the house was built in 1945, it had some structural issues that needed fixing prior to putting up drywall. For example, it had some termite damage on the fireplace wall as well as the wall with the picture window. 

Creating our ideal floor plan took some time, too-- especially since Walter was doing the building himself. He had to take the time to research how to do it, get the necessary tools, and find the time in the evenings or on weekends to rebuild. Then, of course, there was some trial and error involved. I think he did a great job opening up the space by taking out walls and building support beams. He also built a bigger closet and a small bath upstairs. 

Once everything was rebuilt, it was a matter of affording a plumber, new heating and air, electrician, windows, insulation, etc. 

BUT, after all that waiting, on a beautiful Thursday afternoon the drywall was delivered. Cue angelic music.

The had to lift the drywall up through the window on the second story. They also had to lift it up and over the dogwood tree to even get it in the bottom story.
(We had 125 4x12 sheets delivered at the request of our drywall man.)

The following Saturday, Fugate Drywall showed up and went to work. They've been working ever since. In fact, they are down there working as I type this very minute. 

It's took them longer than planned because, like all DIY/Fixer Upper/Renovation stories, there was a setback. Our electrician had already installed the plugs and switches which caused the drywall install to take longer. From what I've gathered, they have a system. The boxes are set and wires are pulled, but you leave them that way so they can cut the hole in the drywall easier. With that method, they don't have to go back and clean up the edges. So, the whole first day of work, I'm pretty sure the drywall guy hated our house's guts. Fortunately, he got happier as the week went on.

Being the impatient person I am (yeah, right, I've waited two years for drywall), I caught them gone and took some pictures of the house. At first, Walter and I were afraid after seeing the whole house open for so long having walls would make us feel claustrophobic. It doesn't. The walls accentuate his beautiful work, the fireplace, and the pretty, large windows.

So, if you've been patient enough to last this long, here are a few shots of the house with drywall. Or, if you just want to look at the pictures, you finally reached the end of the words.

Just kidding. 
You know I like my captions.

View from dining room into kitchen. The basement opening is on the right. Back door is on the left.

View from back door.

From living room into kitchen.

Living room

Instead of a tight hallway, we decided to open it up and reveal a few stairs.

View into downstairs bathroom

Blurry shot of downstairs bedroom

Upstairs: New bath, bedroom, office/bedroom

We are hoping to paint next weekend. Then, we'll be refinishing the floors. With all that drywall dust, I'm sure it'll be fun. 

Stay tuned!

Also, hopefully, I'll get to paint our new exterior
doors and show them off soon-- weather permitting.


  1. Whoo-HOO!!!! Looking fantastic! I'm so excited... :D

  2. Its getting there! Happy for you...your close to the finish line at this point. How the newest addition to the family?


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