Let there be lights.

If we could have spoken the wiring into existence, we would've. However, no matter how many times we mentioned or wished for it, it just didn't happen. But, now, we flip the switch, and there is light. And it is good. (Oh, and so are the outlets.)

Yes, friends, the "We're Nowhere Near Wiring and Plumbing" Perturbation of November " (which took place in 2013, mind you) can no longer rear its ugly head. The struggle of using one outlet, multiple extension cords, a flood light, and the daylight hours to do what was necessary to remodel our home (also since 2013)-- in the past.

Walter began running wire (enlisting help sometimes) and mounted the lights and outlets on evenings and weekends in July. He looked up code, studied a bit, and --with the trademark Walter confidence which I admire--went to it. He taught me a little of the small jobs such as stripping the wire in the outlets and punching the holes out of the outlet cases.He took a couple days off to concentrate on the job, and an electrician showed up. He worked with Walter for a day, then, finished up for us. 

There is still lots of work to do, but with this huge item off our checklist, we are that much closer to moving in! 

Recessed lighting in the living room, along with two spots for a fan.

P.S. The insulation crew are going to fit us in next week!


  1. I absolutely love reading your posts!

  2. Whooooo! Lighting makes it look so much better, too!

  3. Looking great! Love the recessed lights.


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