Showered with Love

February 28th was the day of my baby shower. Because of snowy weather, we weren't sure if we should still have it, but anxiousness has really kicked into high gear this trimester. So when mom called me up asking what we should do, I simply replied with, "Let's just get this over with."

Not that I dreaded the shower by any means, but I had been stuck at home for two weeks working on decorations and trying to get my mind occupied with other things, but when you have a baby kicking and moving around it is hard to think about anything else.

We had it, and I had peace of mind -- for a bit.

When we first planned the shower, I didn't have a theme. I had no preferences. But as the winter went on and I began to have a lot of free time on my hands, I began to start seeing some things I would like. I thought of the first gift I made for my baby, which was a Winnie the Pooh watercolor painting.

I really liked the quotes from the books as well as the simple, rustic look of the characters. So, Walter went to work chopping up wooden slabs for the tables.

 My sis sculpted and painted the little bees that we scattered throughout the tables.

My aunts had some baskets we could use, and I decorated some mason jars for some simple centerpieces.

We had the shower at Artemus church so the tables, table cloths, chair covers, and burlap strips were already provided (so was the lattice which we used to just frame the area).

 We set up three rows of tables and mismatched the layout of each table. What we put on each table matched like the wood pieces, bees, and mason jars.

The sign in table had some chopped wood from the farm (I wrote a quote from the book with a sharpie). I painted a canvas for the guests to sign, rather than have a guest book. (Like I said I had a lot of free time... and I was obsessing a bit.) 

Walter and I are very thankful to everyone who helped decorate, plan, cook and clean up. We are very grateful for all the gifts we got before, during, and after the shower. Our little Walter is loved!


  1. He sure is and you sure are! Beautiful pics! Now, when do we get the W.O.W. post...? Can't wait! :D


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