Our Week of Winter

This week, Walter and I were both blessed with a week off work (thanks to about a foot of snow depending on where you stepped). Our county pretty much shut down allowing us to spend some time together in snow blanketed, serene setting. Because, let's face it, serene will soon become a foreign word to us.

So this week has been another "s" word--surreal-- for a few reasons:

1) Walter got a whole week off.
2) Snow stuck to our yard and is still there
    3) I don't remember ever being snowed in where we couldn't get out.

KY 225 (February 16)
Ok, so maybe those things aren't THAT unbelievable, but it seemed that way to me and this is my blog.

Ruth loves the snow, but it was almost too cold for her to have fun some of the time. Plus, she had never walked in snow that deep before, so she would play then, try to clean her feet off.

Our little pal Wilbur. People kept saying "bring in your pets." Well, Wilbur isn't ours (we don't know who or if he belongs to anyone), but he was kept safe during the cold temps. He had food, water, and was even our house guest. He even got a hot bath! He also slept in Ruth's dog bed. (She wasn't too happy about that one.)
I'm going to leave you with some pictures of us enjoying our touch of winter wonderland while I check and see if my roof is caving in. Just kidding. I hope...

Stay warm!


  1. Beautiful pics! Glad you guys got to enjoy this week. Looks like you had fun!

  2. That last picture - perfect! Beautiful!


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