January 15, 2015

Celebrating snow and 30 weeks!

I've been off for three days now because it is wacky winter in SEKY again. We had frozen rain, frozen roads, frozen cars... you get the picture.  However, last year, I had only worked approximately 2 days. So, we're doing better this winter.

Fortunately, I had plenty to do on Tuesday concerning our wood burning stove insert and fireplace such as make sure everything was going according to plan and going to pick up more rock. It's still in the works, but getting closer and closer to being finished. Walter has been testing it out all evening. (I'll post pictures of it completed soon.

Unfortunately, I have a lot less energy now, so doing any errands requires at least a two hour nap to refuel.  But rather than just settle for a two hours, I've spent the last two DAYS refueling.

Yet, somehow, (like magic) when the snow started falling, I suddenly had energy to pack up my camera and go out to take some maternity pictures. (Well, I set up the tripod. Walter had to snap some pictures for me. Selfies with a DSLR camera are kind of difficult to take.) I had been wanting to take some maternity pictures this winter, and with the snow it seemed like a great opportunity. Oh-- and the picture session was short due to my limited knowledge of cute pregnancy poses. So I wasn't without my coat very long. (I know some of you were worried-- Mom and Mammaw!)

Sixteen weeks... yeah, I thought I was showing.
I guess I was, I've just forgotten what a
(semi) flat stomach looks like.

I'm finishing up 30 weeks now. Looking back at my first picture (16 weeks), I can only think, "Wow, I didn't know what big was!" Now, with ten weeks to go-- give or take a couple-- I'm realizing it's true meaning.

P.S. Some of  our photos were photobombed by our little doggie friend we've taken in (sometimes, he wonders away). Right now, however, he's always close by-- especially since we've made him a little dog house for the winter.

Now that's a belly! Enjoy the snow and stay warm!


  1. Beautiful! Glad you had the snow to pose in--I know what that means to you. Glad Walter has that stove to play with, too, lol!

  2. beautiful snow pictures..I love you all photography. Not much longer!