My Grown Up Christmas List

Remember the days when toys topped the list? Where when we looked under the tree, there were quite a few little packages we would open that were (somewhat) budget friendly?

Well, when our little boy gets here that might happen for us again. However, I don't think Walter and I have exchanged budget friendly gifts since he gave me one little package that contained an engagement ring. Growing up is expensive. 

Our Christmas list this year was simple--whatever we needed to get our house completed. Specifically, that was: plumbing supplies, a plumber, windows, getting the windows installed, a wood burning stove, rock for our fireplace. 

Don't think this lists comes without packages or comes without bags. Lots of packages have been delivered to us. Big packages. Expensive packages. (As I type, one Christmas delivery of gravel is being poured). While not what you'd think of as traditional gifts, everyone of them have been worth it because it is one step closer to us having our home completed. 

Here is the progress we've made:
We now have a second bath upstairs plumbed
and ready for water.

The plumbing labeled in the basement.

Ready for our washer (basement)

First floor bathroom plumbing is now complete.
 Last Monday, our windows were delivered and were completely installed by Tuesday. We ordered Sun windows with wooden interior and aluminum outside. The wood on the interior is unfinished to give us options. The windows were custom fitted to the rock making them feel huge when looking out from each room.
Downstairs bedroom

Windows around fireplace (half completed fireplace)

Our new picture window in the living room.

This was the window layout before.

In the kitchen we had two of the windows made shorter so we could
keep the lighting, but have lower cabinets. You can also see the
kitchen plumbing.

Upstairs bedroom

Windows at the top of steps
Here's the exterior view:

Windows upstairs before

We are very happy with the progress and, just like I had hoped last year, I hope to be in here by next Christmas!


  1. Beautiful! You guys are doing great! Merry Christmas!!!

  2. You will be have faith! Merry Christmas Jessica.


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