Baby Wahlstedt

On Halloween, Walter and I went for my 20 week appointment to check on how our little one was doing. We already knew the gender at this point because I had an extra ultra sound to check on a cyst that I'd had since the pregnancy started (which is gone now yay!).  

Ever since I had found out I was pregnant, I had a feeling we were having a boy. So when the ultrasound revealed he was a boy, Walter and I just looked at each other with "We were right" eyes.  Baby W, who I happen to call Walt Jr. right now, is doing well. He weighs about 10 oz., and I've felt him move for a few weeks now. 
Our little boy.
Because of this feeling that I was having a boy, I had the idea to spell out boy for a photo gender reveal. If we were having a girl... I had nothing. At sixteen weeks (when I found out) I wasn't quite "bump"-y enough. But now at twenty one weeks (tomorrow), my body looks a lot like a capital B. That seemed to happen just this week... or maybe this weekend. 

Originally, I thought we'd use the tire swing for the O, but this hay bale did the job. Note: For those who are unable to see the word picture,  I typed it out. :)

We're excited about our little one, and we have been working hard on our little family's future home. I'll put up some updates this week. 


  1. Congratulation to a loving couple who will love this blessing and guide him down his path of life as your parents did you and how God leads us everyday.


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