November 21, 2014

November Chalkboard

I haven't drawn on my chalkboard in about five and a half months. But last weekend, I had the desire to decorate a bit (but not get out the Christmas decor yet). This time of year the weather (and the stores) always trick my brain into thinking it's time to decorate for Christmas. Yet, traditionally, we don't decorate until after Thanksgiving, and I want to keep it that way. To compensate, I have to allow myself to do something decorative. 

I really liked this design because it begun with a widely known Christmas lyric, but changes last minute to a Thanksgiving message. (Please excuse my horrible leaf.)

Season's Eatin's! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

November 18, 2014

Real Life Fixer Upper

Today, I'm off for a winter day. (I can't call them snow days where we live because there is hardly snow. Our roads just ice over when the rain freezes.) I had promised an update last week, but because I've hit the nesting stage of my pregnancy, I can't bare to sit still during the weekends. For the first time in my life, I enjoy things like washing dishes and doing laundry! However, I told myself I would relax today. So, after I cleaned the bathroom, changed the bedding, did another load of laundry, washed the remaining dishes, vacuumed the floor, and put dinner in the slow cooker, I am kicked back on the couch playing Sleepless in Seattle while I type this post. (Also, I've been thinking about food for at least an hour.)

Our second bath is located upstairs. It'll be small, but enough for a tub/shower, sink and toilet.
While I've been working inside our little cottage, Walter has been building our second bathroom, fixing termite damage in our wall, and mapping out the plumbing. Plus, we've been running around picking out stone for our fireplace, deciding on a wood burning insert, and trying to figure out what kind of front door to purchase. 

This past Saturday, we got some family members to help us clean up so that our window crew and mason can come actually reach the places they need to reach. 
Dad and our sis helped us sweep up what wasn't picked up by Walter's cousins a few days ago.

As you can see, we didn't work them too hard.

 As exciting as all that cleanup was, it almost felt like Christmas when Walter came back with a truckload of our fireplace stone. We had to go up to camp to pick up some strong backed helpers to help us unload it. I didn't take any pictures of the stone out of the box. That'll come later. As in when the fireplace is being put up.

What she is carrying are just accent, not our actual stone.
That's all for now! Hopefully, we'll have more updates soon. Time for lunch!

November 9, 2014

Baby Wahlstedt

On Halloween, Walter and I went for my 20 week appointment to check on how our little one was doing. We already knew the gender at this point because I had an extra ultra sound to check on a cyst that I'd had since the pregnancy started (which is gone now yay!).  

Ever since I had found out I was pregnant, I had a feeling we were having a boy. So when the ultrasound revealed he was a boy, Walter and I just looked at each other with "We were right" eyes.  Baby W, who I happen to call Walt Jr. right now, is doing well. He weighs about 10 oz., and I've felt him move for a few weeks now. 
Our little boy.
Because of this feeling that I was having a boy, I had the idea to spell out boy for a photo gender reveal. If we were having a girl... I had nothing. At sixteen weeks (when I found out) I wasn't quite "bump"-y enough. But now at twenty one weeks (tomorrow), my body looks a lot like a capital B. That seemed to happen just this week... or maybe this weekend. 

Originally, I thought we'd use the tire swing for the O, but this hay bale did the job. Note: For those who are unable to see the word picture,  I typed it out. :)

We're excited about our little one, and we have been working hard on our little family's future home. I'll put up some updates this week.