Keeping the DIY alive!

While all of yesterday's post was happening outside, Walter was framing up the rooms on the inside.

Note from the author: I am trying to be accurate on the timeline and details of the events in this post. However, due to extreme fatigue and nausea, my memory of these events are almost non-existent. In fact, I hardly remember taking these pictures. 

Here, he put up the beginnings of the new closet for the bedroom. 

Then, he put the back wall up. This jutted into where the bathroom used to be. The closet was just too small previously. Also the closet angles a bit and ends so it doesn't block the bathroom window. The small space left in the bathroom easily fits the toilet. His cousin helped him cut and measure, which Walter said made the work go much quicker.

He was glad to get it all completed.

This is the wall dividing the bathroom from what we are thinking will be the dining room.
Upstairs, he took the wall down so he could frame out the new bathroom. It's still in the works.
Currently, he and his dad have been working to replace a wall that suffered termite damage. This was a tricky job because this wall held so much weight.They had to install a support system before beginning the work. Walter told me the slanted wall would most likely become the wall between the kitchen and living room.

Some boards that needed replacing. You can see the windows are out.
Another view of the supporting structure. 

 They are still in the process. Updates will come as it progresses! Stay tuned.


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