October 6, 2014

Hiring Help

We knew going into this project that our remodeling would not be completely DIY. There were some things we just needed help with such as masonry (for our fireplace), gutters, septic tank, and possibly putting in windows (since all are being replaced). While replacing windows could be done ourselves, right now we have a timeline (a baby timeline), and we'd like to get the house completed before the baby learns to drive. While it won't be ready by April, if we keep working, we should be in it... I still can't make the call.

That brings us to the first people we hired. We called them the Gutter Guys. We wanted to fix the issues with drainage for both houses (the cottage and the rock house) and gutters were an immediate solution to the problem. Plus, they even painted our siding for us. (It was white before.)

The side of the house with its new paint.

View from the front.
 All Walter had to worry about (with this project anyway) was laying in the corrugated drain lines for the gutter downspouts to run into. He also had to make sure the guys put the downspouts in those places. Hiring out the gutters left him plenty of time to work on the inside (thus, why three windows are missing) without having to spend time on the outside of the house.

Another great help was the septic. The man who put in our septic was also very good with a dozer. He offered to clean up the brush and trash dumps scattered in the back yard for us (for a price of course). We agreed and the results were wonderful.
This is the brush and trash before it was cleared. 

There was a ditch, brush, and lots of trash-- some of which was barely buried.
This was things such as glass bottles, baby toys, metal, and carpet torn from the house.
Now, there is no ditch, no trash, and no brush.

To see the back of the house, you had to look through a jumble of trees and brush. 

Now you can see it clearly.

From the rock house, the view of the barn was limited.

Now, it is easily viewed. 
These jobs were done well and worth the investment. As I said before, Walter was able to focus on the inside of the house while the outside was being improved. I'll show some of those updates tomorrow.

'Til then!

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  1. Beautiful! Things are coming along quite nicely, aren't they?