Back to Normal (?)

I'm bringing blogging back.
Now all you readers can get back on track.
Just watch your news feed, I'll pick up the slack.

Anyway, that title. Misleading. Nothing has been normal around here. Not Walter, not me, not our summer-- but it's been great.

Let's see a quick recap. July took me away from the farm for three weeks. Walter has had an injury that has limited what he can do (or should I say "should do" because let's face it, he is still working on things... a lot.) Also, our apple tree split and fell. That was a sad day.

However, we did get to spend a wonderful week (mostly) in Oahu. So, while I try to get posts together to update you on the things that have happened in August and September, enjoy these pictures from Hawaii.

View of Oahu from the plane (google awesomed this for us).

We stayed in Kailua, which is a small beach town. This is Kailua beach park, rated one of the world's most beautiful beaches.

Delicious hawaiin ice
High powered sunscreen

The view from the interstate. 

The North Shore

Walter boogie boarded these waves. Although not nearly as big as they can be, these were the biggest on the island for the season. (Too scary for me to even try!)

Driving to the North Shore


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