July 3, 2014

The Time When...

... we were at EBC (Emmanuel Bible Camp).

Sometimes, there is a lull in farm life. Or sometimes, I just want to share things outside of our homestead. Thus, this post.

Last week, I was a counselor at Emmanuel Bible Camp, a camp which was founded back in the 1945 by my husband's grandparents. This place is a great mission field to children in our area and God always does amazing things in their lives-- and our lives as workers-- year after year.

(Originally, I was only going to recap my week, but I had so much fun looking through old camp pictures that I had to share a few.)

Walter worked at camp as a teenager growing up along with many of his family members. When we dated in high school, he invited me to go, but I had to work (or maybe I just got too nervous about having to spend a week around him). Whatever my odd teenage reasoning was, I wish I could go back in time and change that decision, but I can't.
See why I fell for him? 

EBC staff in 2004 (I think)

2005 (?). Man, Walter had a lot of hair. Little did I know that one day I'd be related to almost half the people in this picture.
Walter and Luke both worked at EBC camp. I still did not. (They're both going through their shaggy hair stage.) And I'd be related to 100% of the people in this picture.
When I was 19 (the last possible year you can be a camper), I was a finally teen camper with Walter.

2005 Teen Camp. Still nervous, I convinced my best friend Jennifer to come with me.
Working together even then.
Walter convinced me to take counselor's class with him. Good thing because five years later, I'd be a counselor.
The summer I got hired for a teaching position, I spent the whole summer counseling at EBC. I've volunteered as a counselor ever since.
2009 Summer staff
2010. Most of the summer staff.
2012. Coolest staff picture in EBC history.
This year, I'm only counseling for two weeks for a couple reasons 1) we are building a house and 2) five weeks is a long time to be away from each other.

Week 1 I was a Bible study teacher which I enjoyed (despite that smile that looks forced!).

My Bible study class last week.
Chorus time. Each cabin sings a song for the others.
Studying the Word. What it's all about.
The counseling staff this week.
Relaxing with the campers.
First place! Because our girl's were verse masters.
It was a great week! God moved, children started a relationship with Christ, and grew in the Lord! I'm blessed for the opportunity to minister to the same children I teach throughout the year.

God is good, all the time!

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