Produce the produce

The days have been beautiful. Hot, but beautiful. Since my garden gets full sun, I prefer to get up early (which hasn't happened yet) or wait until the evening hours to work in it.
What we saw before heading to the garden to work. Walter is mowing with his tractor in the background.

I'm learning a few things in my gardening experience such as:
1) It's ok to remove the lettuce leaves and eat them. They will grow back. (This comes from the fear that all my plants will die.)
2) Sometimes you got nothin'.
3) A day after you got nothin', suddenly everything is ready to pick. So check back often.
4) Make sure to thin corn and cucumber plants.
5) Weeds are evil. Especially those prickly ones.

Now that I've shared my wisdom...

Mom and I weeded the garden. We checked to see what was growing as well. We found my sunflowers were starting to bloom, my corn was growing ears, and cucumbers were growing like wild things. (Also, I found two florets of broccoli.)

What's growing on. I'm sad to say that my watermelon was captured during the night and never seen again. I'm determined to grow at least one plant though.

My corn is vertically challenged. It ranges from 3-5 feet tall. Probably going to have small ears.

Since the cucumbers were growing like crazy and beginning to take over the broccoli, we put some pallets up as a boundary for the cucumbers to (hopefully) climb on.

About a ten cucumbers (Mom took a couple), two green peppers (one mini) and a purple bell pepper. 

We had three bags of harvested lettuce (Mom took one). It's robust flavor is almost more than Walter can handle, but I think it makes a nice addition to our burgers.
And while I had no luck growing berry plants (or fruit at all for that matter), I have noticed that blackberries are popping back up. (Walter was afraid he might've mowed them over.)

Not quite ripe yet.
Enjoy your cookouts and fireworks today. May you have some fresh produce along with it!
Happy Fourth of July!


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