Fourth of July Weekend

On the Fourth, Walter and I woke up and got to work. He had the day off so he had us do something he had been wanting to do a while-- put a new door in at the cottage.
This door was not intended for exterior use. It will get some interior use in the rock house.

Since he's wrists have been impaired, which, in essence, means his two arms are unable to be used, he taught me how to use all of his tools so we could get the job done.

I had to cut out the old door jam as well as about six inches of wall for the new door to fit.
Now, you'd think I'd have done that a long time ago, but it's just quicker when he uses them. You see, I have to have a mini tutorial before each tool (and sometimes each cut). It took us all day, and we still don't have it completely finished, BUT, it is hung. So that was great.

We took a break for a late lunch cookout with Mom, Dad, and Mammaw. Dad grilled some big, juicy steaks for us.
Looks good, right? (That is if you are a meat eater, if not, stare at the veggies.)

We also had a nice spread of farm fresh produce.
(I contributed the lettuce and a couple cucumber.)

Mammaw had brought the green onion, pepper, and another cucumber.
Walter and I ended the night watching the neighbors fireworks in our truck bed cuddling with Wilbur and Ruth who were both completely terrified of the booming noises echoing throughout the area.

Then, yesterday, we went to work on something I wanted-- putting up a pool. We had bought it and put it up at Mom and Dad's when we didn't have a place, and we were content with leaving it there. But Mom wanted to change things up at her house and I guess that's hard with a Sunny Escapes pool.

We worked all day leveling the ground and we have sunburn to prove it.

We invited them for a night of (50%) fireworks and a campfire. They accepted. However, at our place you always earn your recreational and relaxation time first by helping us work or clean or both (which was the case last night).

Well earned relaxation at our camp fire.

See the pool. Not spectacular looking, but wet and cool which is
all one can ask from a pool. Walter and I are beginning the ceremony
with a Citronella torch lighting.

As you can see, it was a bit of work putting them into the ground.

Of course, we had to roast marshmallows.

Following Mom's advice on the right way to cook a marshmallow. Burn it.

Cooked it for five minutes to golden brown perfection. Dropped it on the ground. In the ashes.

Finally able to eat one.

The bombs bursting in air. (Or at least fireworks.)
And the grand finale.


  1. What a great 4th of July weekend! Thanks for the fire and fireworks! :D

  2. Hi Jessica...what a great time you all had. Love the photo's.
    Your cottage is coming along..Any chance your be in by Christmas?

    1. If we can really buckle down, maybe. We are currently in the small white cottage, it's the rock house that is where most of the work is taking place.


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