July 1, 2014


My brother Luke and I are two years and a week apart, so we usually celebrate our birthdays together.

So, we celebrated in Lexington the weekend of my birthday which also happens to be Father's day weekend at a restaurant called Bella Notte.

After we ate, Walter stopped at Best Buy and had me look at camera bags. I picked out a small one at first. He told me to think about my lenses, too. I responded with, "Um. I only have one extra lens... so..."

This comment caused him to have to give in and tell me that he and my parents were going to surprise me with a new camera (Nikon D7100) and a new lens (35mm prime lens). I was so happy I almost cried right there in Best Buy. Luckily, a worker came over to interrupt. So, I've now retired my Nikon D40.

Big upgrade.

Dad, Mammaw, and I went shopping at our local Vendor's Mall and I got a few items for my b-day there as well:
I bought this myself, but it was too retro to pass up.

Mammaw bought me this cute blue tinted mason jar.
 Walter also ordered two canvases made from some photos I took of our beautiful home. They turned out pretty good.

The following weekend, I got to take some pictures with it on Luke's birthday weekend. (Yes, we had celebrated it already, but we didn't have cake then.)

I made him a Reese's peanut butter ice cream cake. The recipe was for snickers, but all I did was change out the candy.

It was a fun time with the family. (We had planned to take more than just one photo, but it stormed for too long.)
Taking a family photo with my new camera. Tripods are great.

Nana, Pappy, and Evangeline

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  1. The good part about your and Luke's birthdays being so close is when we get to spread it all out over two weeks! Excellent post, as always. Looooooooove thos pics!!