July 2, 2014

All creatures great and small.

Sometimes, I could just watch the wildlife in our yard all day long. I'll wake up with fog blanketing the ground. As I skim the area, I can always find something going on. Even in the hot, humid midday animals are gathering food. As long as they aren't gathering from my garden, we're good.

When we get a chance, Walter and I try to capture some shots of our woodland friends.
Thumper munching on grass.

Our rabbits have been multiplying like, well, rabbits. I watched two babies play in front of our barn yesterday. (The one pictured is the same rabbit.)

We almost always have a visitor.
Meet Wilbur. He's befriended Ruth and also our doe, Faline.
 Speaking of Faline...

...while I was gone, Walter said she came close to the house several times. He snapped a few pics for proof.
She had to jump the ditch Walter dug for our water and gas line.

For a while, Wilbur and Ruth would bark at her, but now, they play together. Weird, but adorable.

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