The Reconstruction Era: From the Bottom Up

I've been getting a lot of "We haven't seen any pictures of all this 'so called work' you've been doing at your house."

I tell people that since there haven't been a lot of blog posts, that means we've been really busy. That's a good thing!

But, now, with school winding down (two more days!) over, and Walter unable to use his arms due to inflammation of the wrists (the doctor has ordered him to rest for two weeks), I have a little time to document what we've done.

First, all of the wooden posts that held up our house have been replaced with metal ones. This is a grand feat in itself. It really opens up the basement too.

Walter did an incredible amount of work on this. He researched, he practiced, he had me watch him, he called his dad for help, and one day he gathered up the courage to change them out while his dad was with him to help. Eventually, he had such a knack for it that  I came home from work and all the tree like posts were lying on the ground and red posts were in their place.

Ta da!

It makes the basement look much more open.


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