The House that Walt Built

Thank God that we are now in the Reconstruction Era!

 we made a huge mess and I lost all  some confidence that we would ever put it all together again. We didn't have the time. We didn't have the resources. We didn't know enough about what we were doing. And so on and so forth.  Actually, that's really the only three statements I made, I just said them often.

In my defense, our carpentry projects hadn't been what one might deem successful. In fact, one might say they were fails to epic proportions. For example, after we moved in to our first apartment in college, Walter decided to build a dining room table since he was in a woodworking class. Unfortunately, he never completed it. In fact, it's quite possible it's still lying in pieces in the woodwork lab to this day. The summer before we got married, my mammaw had an old cedar chest that needed restoring. We decided we'd restore it together. We did a great job of taking it apart-- but it's still in pieces in his dad's garage. Given our history, I had valid reasons to wonder if we'd stick with this.

I had such little faith back then (yeah, I know it was just a month ago, but in teacher time a month is equivalent to at least a year). However, I am now a firm believer that my husband has enough will and determination to accomplish anything he desires. My meltdowns over our current state of affairs might have contributed to some degree.

But, seriously, I have complete confidence that Walter could rebuild this house with his own two hands. He's that awesome. All it takes are a couple of Youtube videos and the right tool ordered with two day shipping from Amazon, and he's got it licked.

You might think I'm joking-- cause that did sound like a joke--but that's no exaggeration nor is it a joke. That's his method.  And his work is very well done. Not just slapped together quickly to get it done quickly. He measures, he ponders, he trials, he errors, he measures again. He overworks. He gets it done right.

And I love it. (Except for when his overwork hurts him).

So, this post is dedicated to him (even if he never reads these things), showcasing his hard work on his week off.

Before, there was a wall separating the kitchen from the living room. As you walked through the hall, on your right was a door that opened to the staircase (watch your head!), directly in front was the bathroom, and to the left was the bedroom. Not a very open layout.

Walter hated hitting his head everytime he walked up the staircase, so he vowed to get rid of the door. I suggested the idea of moving the wall back to show off some of the steps. Walter made it happen. (And his dad helped!)

It makes everything feel so open, I love it! Which obviously, some of this will be closed off. (The bathroom walls have to be put in.

A close up of the header. Walter had to redo the stud layout here since this was a load bearing wall. Also, you can see the heading is angled. which gives it a cool look, but was a little tricky to do.

The other side. The bedroom will be on this side.
This is what it looked like from the bathroom's vantage point. 

As you came in the back door (which is our main entrance since the driveway is on that side), you came in to a tiny hall. To your right was a bedroom door, in front was the basement door (which will stay) and to your left was a regular sized doorway to the kitchen. It was crowded and awkward.

Walter widened the entry to the kitchen and knocked out the wall of the bedroom which will now be a dining room.
Here's what it felt like standing in that hallway when you first entered the house. Rather than "Come on in!", it felt like "Let me out!"

Here's the view from another angle.

More updates to come! We're getting there!


  1. ~ Looking good. I hope you are in by Christmas...what a great way to spend Christmas Day.


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