Reconstruction Era: The Bathroom

This is the only room in the house that we have to entirely redo. Most we can keep at least the floor. But this room had water damage down to the subfloor. It was also small for our taste.

Memorial Day weekend, we went to work on replacing the subfloors, but for progress's sake, I'm going to backtrack as a reminder of why we are expanding and replacing.

Sometime last year:
First, we tore out the drywall.

Next, we had to clean up the mess. You can see the size of the bathroom here.

Then, we took out the walls.

This shows you the dimensions of the bathroom pretty well. The gap between
the hardwood is where the wall once was.

We pulled up the hardwood. (This was back in December. Luke and
Walter did most of that since I was out of town for a wedding.
They removed the hardwood out to suit our new bathroom dimensions. This included removing
the old floor furnace vent.

Then, due to a long , cold winter, all work was on hold. Which brings us up to Memorial Day weekend. (Walter had spent a few evenings prior cutting out the subfloor.)

Saturday, May 24: Because there was a floor vent, we had to replace the floor joists. Originally, we planned to only replace the two that were cut short. Unfortunately, we had a lot of difficulty getting the new floor joists level with the old ones. 

Walter measuring the beams (2 X 10's).
You can see we successfully installed one joist. 
The first solution was to cut the old beams to level them out with the new. So, we chalked a line and Walter used his Sawzall to slice it. 

It almost seemed more work than it was worth. So, we headed to Lowe's to get three more floor joists. This was the Saturday before Memorial Day. We went ahead and got the beams and put them in so that we could go to work on the subfloor on Monday.

The four right joists are all brand new.

Somehow, Walter was able to easily level out the left most joist with his saw so, we didn't have to replace it.
Big progress made.

Sunday, May 25: I'd like to say on Sunday we rested, but I've got photo evidence that shows otherwise (details in another post.)

Monday, May 26: After replacing the joists, we put the subfloor down for a practice run to see how it needed to be cut. Since I would have to work Tuesday, we tried to do all the two person work ahead of time. And cutting subfloor with a table saw is definitely a two person job. We had trouble getting it to fit, and called it a day around 5 to enjoy a cookout with my parents.

Tuesday, May 27: Walter and his dad worked to fit the subfloor and cut it to fit. By the time I got home, it was time to nail it and glue it down.

Drilling it into place.
The chalk line allowed us to know where the stud was, and we placed screws next to the shapes.
Finally, in place.
Resting for bit.


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