May 7, 2014

Wild Game. Na, na, na-na-na.

Ok, so the title is redundant. 

I am convinced that if Walter and I learned how to hunt and develop proficient gardening skills. We would never have to grocery shop again.

Why? Well, there are the deer, of course.

(If only I could rid myself the traumatic memories of Bambi losing his mother-- oh yeah, and there's small task of learning to skin and clean it). AND just in the last two weeks, we now have wild turkey (at least one). There's also rabbit and squirrel if we really wanted to get our game on.

While we were working outside the Saturday before Easter, a turkey swooped in and landed in our yard. Walter called out for me to look and I saw it, but couldn't get my camera ready in time.

However, Sunday, while I was sitting at the computer desk (typing up blog posts no doubt), I saw a big animal in our tall, tall grass. I thought it might be a cat or dog, but it was a turkey just munching away.

Our grass is probably a foot and a half tall, so this guy/girl? isn't as small as he seems... our mowers are broken.
In my usual nature of not being prepared, I didn't have my zoom lens on. I did have my camera at least so I was able to snap a few shots of our fowl friend. Not the best, but more evidence that if we really put our minds to it (and could break our years of fast food addiction-- is there counseling for that?) we could be one step closer to living off the grid.

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