May 6, 2014

Then and Now: The Main Floor

Sometimes it feels like the latter. In fact, looking at the pictures of this time last year almost had me thinking we should have left it all alone because right now... well, we've either got nothing or we've got a mess. That phrase it get's worse before it gets better, we're putting that to the test.

Just like last year's Easter weekend was productive, this year's was too. As I said before Walter's aunt and uncle came in and helped us tremendously. One of the major things they did was come over on Good Friday and help Walter pull out all the venting and wire. When I got home from work, they had been working almost all afternoon, and by six or so that evening it was all gone!

This is another one of those before and after posts to show how the house looked when we bought it and what it looks like now. I tried to take photos from the same spot to really capture the difference. Enjoy!

Then: This is from the basement steps into the backdoor entryway.

Now: The entryway has been opened up. There is no basement door, and the flooring has been removed.

Then: This is the kitchen and a the doorway leading to the basement and the back door.

Now: Just the bare bones.

 Then: Cabinets, paneling, wiring, old flooring, and a wall separates the kitchen from the living room.
 Now: All has been removed including the wall which opens the kitchen up to the living room.

Then: The front door which leads into the kitchen. A wall separates the kitchen from the living room area.

Now: Wall removed along with everything else.

Then: The living room had a drop ceiling and some laminate flooring. If you'll notice there is no overhead light in this room and very few outlets.

Now: Drop ceiling and linoleum floors have been taken out along with drywall and mantle (which is being saved). The original hardwood floors are revealed.

Then: The downstairs bedroom had lots of drywall damage that had been patched up quickly for resale.

Then: A small door leads to a small closet.

Now: We removed all the drywall and pulled the wire. We are planning to expand the closet.

Then: The small bathroom.

Now: Gutted with a plan to expand.

 Then: You had to open a door to go up to the second floor.
The doorframe caused some issues for taller people wanting to go up. (Duck!)
Now: The door is taken out and the frame as well.

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