May 4, 2014

In the Garden

Just yesterday, I was out in the garden with Mom and Dad searching for signs of new life in the garden. We saw some new growth, but it wasn't evident if it was good new growth (vegetables) or bad new growth (weeds). 
We were going to try to get some of the weeds out, but it was too hard to tell. So, we just marked the plant rows with some markers I had been working on (to replace the seed packets lying under rocks).

According to Dad, the garden looked like a burial ground. And it did. I walked away hoping I wasn't marking the ground in homage of a bunch of dead plants. I was hoping that soon, I would be able to see some new life springing up.

Today, I went down to water my thirsty marigolds and saw a row of broccoli and some sunflowers popping up. 
Sunflower sprouting.
I was so excited, I immediately started snapping photos. (I couldn't get close enough to the broccoli for fear I would step on something trying to grow.)

I watered all the little seedlings I recognized. I'll continue watering and after a little while longer of growth, I plan to lay down some pathways, pull weeds, and, possibly, mulch to keep more weeds out.

I'll probably have to make some more room for my marigolds to spread out as well.

I also bought some flowers yesterday to plant around our little cottage. Spring is just full of things to do! I hope I can keep up with it all!

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  1. Lol! I said the sticks made the garden look like Boot Hill! ;D Glad your veggies are showing signs of life! :D