Spring Snapshots

When doing my year recap in pictures, I realized I took zero spring pictures last year. I think it was because I was so focused on the work, that I didn't take the time to step back and enjoy the beauty of the place.I tried to make up for it a little over the past few weekends, by taking some snapshots of the flowers and buds here on the farm.

A lot of the beauty of spring is in the details. It's as if the trees adorn themselves with jewelry-- each trying to top the other. To capture this, I took many close up shots. Early in the spring, the landscape colors were reminiscent of fall or there was just a lot of green. The "spring" colors couldn't really be captured from a distance. The few landscape shots that I did take will probably look familiar. I like to take similar shots every season to compare the changes. From bold to subdued, I attempted to capture the beauty of the season and share it with others. Well, that's enough chatter. Let's get to the pictures.

As soon as I got out the camera, Ruth laid down and posed for me. Diva.

Daffodils. Our first signs of spring.

Budding Apple Tree

Apple Blossoms

A Foggy Spring Morning


  1. Amazing pics! The colors are magnificent! Even the weeds (dandelions) look beautiful!! :D


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