Project: Screendoor

 This project took us about an hour to do. We had used one of those magnetic screen doors last summer, but decided to go with something a little more durable. All we had to do was buy a T-frame screen door and a screen door kit from our local hardware store.

1. Buy a strip of wood.

2. First, you have to drill holes. Then, screw the wood onto the door frame.

3. Place door against wooden strip. (Hope that it doesn't fall on you.)

4. Place hinges and mark where screw holes.

5. Screw in place.

6. Add hardware.
After installing, Walter added some thicker strips of wood to the two thin horizontal bars to give it more weight and add sturdiness.


  1. I absolutely love banging screen doors.......vintage memories!

    1. This one definitely closes with a bang! Yeah, we couldn't have a farmhouse without a screen door.


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