Project: Driveway.

Remember the Tractor Tiff that occurred almost exactly this time last year? Well, one of Walter's promises during his tractor campaign was to widen the driveway with the tractor, fix the drainage problems around the driveway, build a retaining wall and add some steps up.

Sounds like a lot of promises to keep right? Well, not for Walter. He started the project in early March and has kept up the work (when he can) on the project.

It's possible that this project gained some urgency after my near death experience during the extremely slick, one inch snowfall we had back in January. I'll admit that I exaggerate... a bit... on this blog, but this was a close call for my legs at least. We were going to head to Walmart to purchase some salt to make the walkway less slippery (ironically).  Walter was going to back the truck up so I wouldn't have to walk down the slick, not really steep but steep enough to slide down slope-- but I didn't realize this so I went frolicking down the driveway in my usual snow free way. 

As I took my last step and reached for the car door, my feet flew out from under me. In that same second, Walter started backing up. (He says it was to be a gentlemen, but...) There I was looking up at the truck as half my body lie directly in the tire's path. My only option would have been to roll in the direction of the tire and hope I could roll faster. But with the way Walter pulls out, that wasn't likely so I just laughed. Then, in a fashion that would make a slapstick comedy director proud, Walter hit the brake. He jumped out of the truck and had to drag my body out from under the truck. My bottom hurt for about two days, my pride was hurt for pretty much forever. 

Ah, memories.

Now to the DIY stuff. A few weekends ago (March), he made some more progress. Here's a look:

Moving a rock so he could dig.

The tractor is to Walter as a horse is to a cowboy. 

I climbed on the tractor with him to see from his point of view.
 His goal for the day was to pour a foundation for the block wall, but he also put in a pipe for drainage.
Step 1: Dig.

Step 2: Build a frame. Walter is resourceful. He built the frame from some scrap flooring we pulled from the rock house.

Step 3: Wrap the pipe to prevent it from leaking water into the concrete.

Step 4: Fill in with gravel to ensure proper drainage.

Step 5: Let dry and admire your handiwork. 


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