Project: Backroom

Did I mention we bought two houses? We are currently living in a small, white cottage type house on our hill. The house needs work just like the rock house. 

Last week, Walter decided to tear out the old (imagine that) and put in new walls and windows because the walls and windows were rotting out in the back utility room. 

His brother showed up two weekends ago, and helped him completely tear everything out. He also took some pictures with his cool Google Glass--es.

The intentions were to build the room back in order for this room to hold the washer and dryer (which is now on either side of my stove) as well as a few pantry shelves.. Walter and I even placed the order for materials that day (when we came back Carlo had pretty much torn everything out).  What he revealed was a pretty nice porch. Nice view. Nice breeze. Just the right amount of sun. This left us in a dilemma. Do we spend on a utility room or save and just fix the porch up?

I begged Walter to try to keep the windows in tact.

The walls weren't even touching the ground, they were so rotten.
All those black specks are ants. The walls were full of them.

The room had been a porch at one time. Our dilemma now is whether to rebuild or leave a porch.

New siding and a new door coming soon.


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