Then and Now: What's on the Outside Counts, too!

We've all heard the saying, "It's what's on the inside that counts." Well,  not when it comes to renovating. Inside, outside, up above, underneath, in between-- all of it matters.

Today, I'm going to show you a sampling of where we started and where we've come in our first year of working in the great outdoors.

This is the front of the barn last March vs. this March. A lot of shrubs have been taken out thanks to Walter and his Sawzall. Also, it revealed some rotting and roof damage that will eventually need repairing. You can also see to the right of the barn, the section of land has been cleared of the growth and mowed down.

 This is where the sidewalks ends. Why? We aren't really sure. It must have led to somewhere at some point, but, for now,  there isn't much use for it. You can see in the right picture that Walter has started digging up the sidewalk. We're going to keep part of it, but haven't quite figure out where to go from there. Thus, it's a project on hold. If you look past the sidewalk up to the top of the drive way, you can  the back of our gate blocking the entrance.
This is what it looks like now from entering the property. Plus, Walter has installed an automatic gate opening system so we no longer have to get out and open it manually.

 This was a project that Walter did with the help of his dad. The old unusable door was replaced with a new frame and new (actually reused) door. You can also see the piles of trim and boards we've stacked up since gutting the rock house. (That isn't even half.)

This set of pics is to let you see that the tree (that for some reason always looked like it belonged in a Middle Eastern desert to me, I have no idea why) is now gone. Stump and all-- he dug it up via the tractor and filled it back in.

 Trash was a major issue since the beginning, and while we've picked up so much, we still find dumps on various "hidden" places of the properties. This is probably the worst of all of our problems because the trash never seems to end. In the pictures below, you can see a little (not an exaggeration) of the trash that had been dumped around the property. The picture on the left shows the ditch line after Amanda and Melody had picked up about half of it last March. The picture on the right is taken from the opposite direction, but allows you to see that it is cleaned up now.

When clearing out more brush on President's day, we discovered a dump to the right of the ditch line. It had been buried and over the years grown over, but we realized our battle against the litter was nowhere near over.

Speaking of clearing brush, here are a few spots we've cleared out over the past year. (Fortunately, no dumps discovered, but lots of litter.

Also, lots of ditches have been dug to help with proper drainage and water flow along the property. Here is an example.
With so much to do, it's often hard to stay focused on just one project. A lot of times we have several going at once or find one to work on in the time we have. While I expect the house to be finished (although maintenance will be required), I can't say the same for the land. I think it will always be a work in progress. 

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  1. The more work you do, the more work you need to do, lol!! You have the right idea about the outside always being a work in progress.

  2. Progress made! The now photo of the sidewalk I see a red bud tree blooming in the back ground..looks like spring is happening on your side of KY!! Send it to this side of KY pretty please!!


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