A Year in Photos

March 7th marks our first "Farmiversary"! (Thanks for the term, Dad.) To celebrate, this week will be a countdown looking back at our first year on the farm. For some of the stories behind the pictures, read some of our very first posts starting here.

These photos highlight the year of work and play in our new home. Enjoy!

The first photo ever taken (took it with my phone). After signing the papers and getting the keys, we headed over to capture the moment proving to the world we had truly bought the farm.

  The Work

A collage of clean up and power tools captures the many projects we've tackled since the journey began last March.



Deer. Apples. LOTS of grass. Summer was vibrant with colors and was the season that made me realize the beauty that surrounded us needed to be captured.


Brief, yet beautiful. Hay bails, more apples, and bonfires.


Artic temps. Snowball fights. Coffee.

Looking back on the year, there is one photo that I simply must put. It was a running joke when the blog first started to put this "Murby" in as many posts as we could, but eventually, the Murby became forgotten. Which makes it even better to end the year with the photo that might have been the first photo ever posted to the blog, via my sis-in-law. 

A Furby that looks as if it could be a recurring character on the Walking Dead almost became our blog mascot. 


  1. I miss the Murby... Congrats on the anniversary! Let the celebration begin!! :D

  2. Love all the photo's ~ congrats on the one year Farmiversary


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