Warm up = work day.

I have always had an appreciation for things of decades past. I treasure stories of my family's past. I can quote lines from classic movies more than any other genre. I was a fan of the Beatles and the Rat Pack in high school while others were singing along with Nelly and Outkast. 

While most kids were singing along with Barney the dinosaur, I was laughing at Barney Fife.

Don't get me wrong, I share childhood favorites with fellow nineties kids, too. But, there is something that has always drawn me in when it comes to vintage vibes. Perhaps it's the rugged elegance. Maybe it's the worn beauty. 

Whatever it is, it's why I love our house. While it is a World War II era home, it is still rich with history. When we bought it, we had a nice talk with the family of brothers and their wives who grew up in the house. They shared their memories of the place and were so glad it would be a home to new family and new memories. 

One of my favorite finds in the house were it's old doors. After my mini melt down, Walter and I began chipping away at restoring this old door. It's a beaut.

Love at first sight. For both. :)

The doors in this house are an eclectic mix. No two are the same. (Well, the two small ones would be, but the paint job makes them differ.) This door though is my favorite. 

We didn't get very far on this project due to the fact our "heat wave" didn't get up to the temperature required to apply the stripper. I'll post updates as they come. 

*By the way, the stack of boards that led to my mini melt down (and I say mini because I've had a lot worse), are cut out of these pics.

Until next time! (I really need a catchphrase to end these things.)


  1. I love those old doors....They are going to be beautiful!


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