It's the BIG one!

Let me start by saying I am a fan of snow.

Just the beginning accumulations.
Yesterday, my passion for winter and snow was nearly uncontainable. All day long, there was talk of a snow that would bring inches of the white powder to my neck of the woods. So, despite telling myself not to get my hopes up, I was hoping that this would be the big one.

Yes, in my state it has been colder and snowier for most. But not for me. My yard has been a snow vacuum.

snow vacuum (noun)
    1. a space entirely devoid of snow
    2. the snowfall where I live, well,  sucks 

I would read every forecast and watch every radar (to the point that if it were a person, a restraining order would have been necessary) in hopes of getting a chance to sled, build a snowman, make a snow angel or make snow cream. Yet, every time, my hopes would be crushed as I'd watch snow flakes fall to their doom on my front lawn. 

I'd have to settle for snow stalking my friends on Facebook. I'd watch in jealousy as they would be living in a winter wonderland, while I, well, didn't. I'd press my imaginary DISlike button on anyone's status who had inches of snow lying around and wished for spring to come.

Ok, so maybe that is an exaggeration. (What's sad is this is just a slight exaggeration.)

But, come on. I saw a picture of the welcome to Florida sign and even they had gotten more snow than I did. Not right. 

However, yesterday evening at 5:00 p.m. something wonderful happened. Snow fell. More importantly, it didn't melt. Yet, in the back of my mind, I felt this little voice telling me that I'd better enjoy it while it lasts.  You see, around here, with great snow comes great temperatures. Temps go from the low thirties to the forties or fifties, and the snow melts in about 24 hours...

I had to go out and take pics as soon as the snow began accumulating for fear it would all disappear.

The cottage on the hill. It hardly gets any love in the pics, but the glowing lights amid the snow made it so pretty.
...So, as soon as the snow started falling, I grabbed my camera and took advantage of the snowfall hoping to capture some moments I missed in the last snow. About every hour, I would open the door and check to see if it was still there.

It was.

So, I stayed up way too late reveling in the beauty of it. Admiring its beauty in the moonlight.

Ok, now it sounds like I love snow a little way too much.

When I saw that it was accumulating pretty quickly (and the caffeine and cardio from drinking coffee and dancing due to my reveling wore off), I went to bed hoping, when I awoke, there would be even more.

And there was.

(Tune in tomorrow for today's snow day pics.)


  1. I love you.....even when you DISlike my pic's :)

    1. I love you too. No snow amount (or lack of it) can ever change that!

  2. Even though I know what happens, I can't wait 'til tomorrow's post! If ya had a "love it" button here, I'd be clicking away at it, lol!!


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