Hello, Winter.

Hello, Winter. We've been waiting.

Accumulation around 9:00 a.m.
We totaled from 4" to 5" depending on
where you were stepping.
I woke yesterday to my very own Winter Wonderland. And the snow that was falling as I slept the night before, was still falling.

So, Ruth and I did a snow jig. Then, I layered up and forced Walter to get out of the bed and join me outside. (He got a snow day, too!)

But before we went out, I saw my phone blinking and decided I'd better check it. Remember that little voice that was telling me to enjoy the snow while it lasted. Well, at first it sounded a little like Chris Bailey, but yesterday morning it sounded like my mom's. Why? Because she basically sent me a text saying this snow will self destruct in less than 24 hours.

The real text: You'd better enjoy it. It's going to warm up.

Instead of letting my happiness disintegrate like the snow usually does when it enters the atmosphere near my house, I accepted the challenge.

Mission impossible. I don't think so. So here's some pictures that capture our operation: snow day.

The Morning.

1. Photo Ops. The beauty of the falling snow along along with the deep blanket that covered the ground made for some photo ops that I hadn't been able to capture previously.

For the past (almost) year, I've been using the same subjects, but taking pictures of them throughout the different seasons. I finally got the chance to capture the farm during one of winter's finest hours.

Rather than doing lots of color, the high contrast led me to do more black and white photos this time. Or at least cut the saturation back a little.
The barn during the snow fall.

Rock Cottage
Tire swing
The same tree line after more accumulation.

Add caption

Is this real life?

The walnut tree lane
This is the tree that turns a brilliant red in the fall.

2. Snow ball fight. Of course, no snow day is truly a snow day without hitting your companion with a snowball the size of their head and the density of a brick.


Ruth's favorite season by far. 

3.Snow Angel. There's something special about falling into the puffy, wet snow and sweeping your limbs back and forth.

40 degrees and melting.
4. Snow Cream. We took a break to get warm and dry off with some breakfast. Then, for lunch, Walter made some snow cream.

 5. Sledding. Mom and Dad dropped the sled off to us. This was perfect timing. Because by this point, the sun was out in full force. We got to sled a while before the driveway snow disappeared.
Head first.
Feet first.

Dog tired.
(I have some video, but I'm not sure how to add them just yet.)

6. Build a snow man. Our very last task. We put a construction company hat on him in hopes that if he does come to life, he'll know what is expected of him.

Even though I was hoping the inches of snow would stick around long enough for Walter to have today off too, I can't really complain. It was a great day, and I finally got to do the winter things I love with the one I love.

My Valentine's Day plug. 

Today, snow is still lying in my yard (believe it or not). That isn't the only thing that's different. This time, instead of me stalking the snow, the snow is stalking me.


Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I feel your joy! Your words and pics make my heart laugh and smile along with you. And some of those pics are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!


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