Chalk it up to "Board"em. February Edition.

Although, the "Baby, it's cold outside" board was fitting for February, in honor of hearts everywhere I went with this design. Inspired by an Etsy artist who sells this print, I wanted a Valentines feel without the gushy stuff. The hot beverage was an ode to the still cold temps outside.

So, tomorrow is another snow day. And I am going to definitely enjoy it with a cup of my hot beverage of choice-- coffee.

After a sweet gift from my brother and sister in law (a Keurig, it's like a coffee shop at your fingertips), I drink it every morning and at night. 

BUT because I couldn't fall asleep until three in the morning due to a Jessie Spano-esque caffeine high for several nights in a row, I made a rule: no coffee after nine ten  eleven(?)-- never mind. The point is I'm admitting I have a problem, so that obviously means I'm working on it.

Enjoy your day!


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