Chalk it up to "Board"em.

       After perusing Pinterest and putting little of my new found loves and pins to work, I finally went through with one idea (just kidding, I've actually done a lot few others). But when I saw this pin...
                                                 Great idea to recycle old worn out mirror into a stylish, gorgeous, shabby chic chalkboard.

My first chalkboard attempt
at my cousin's wedding.
...I had to create my own. So I grabbed the only mirror I had on hand that had a frame that I liked. The little mirror was a move in present from a friend who decorated our first apartment for us. It has been with us for six years now and survived three moves. My sister painted it for me with some chalkboard paint. She even left a cute monogram in the corner for me.
      Through August and September the mirror had just a lame "Welcome!" written in crude block letters. (You can still see those block letters if you look real closely.) Yet, after doing lots of chalkboard lettering research on--where else?-- Pinterest, I was inspired to do some more chalkboard art. (I had done a little for a menu at my cousin's wedding and enjoyed it.) This has become a creative outlet that causes chills to run down my spine--mostly, because of that nails on chalkboard screech that inevitably happens when I'm drawing the letters.

Any way, here are the chalkboard designs so far:
August and September 2013

November 2013
December 2013 (Ok, this one isn't so great either.)
January 2014

*I found a tip that helped me out via Pinterest where you can sharpen chalk with a pencil sharpener to get a point. Going to give this a try for the next design.


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