Trying Transformation

Saturday, we began taking down some walls that would no longer be used when we build our new bathroom, closet, and dining room. I wanted to show the transformation to remind (mainly myself) just how far we are getting for two people who work full time and remodel on the side.

The room used to be a bedroom with a tiny closet. (I want to kick myself for not getting a good full room shot.)

Back in the spring, we tore out the drywall, and removed the door frames.

 This was the result. You can see the bathroom walls are still in tact. The duct work and wiring is still in as well.

Then, we went to work on the bathroom. This is what the bathroom looked like before:

We gutted it as well.

Walter removed the duct work. Since we finally decided on a floor plan, we went to work on removing unnecessary walls. 

The walls are down, but we still have to clean up.
Taking a break after the hard work.
The bedroom wall, closet wall, and bathroom wall no longer exist.

This poor tub has been used by us in all the wrong ways. 

I started taking up the rotten wood flooring. But with the tub still in, it made it a little difficult.
On the bottom of every board was a stamp saying it was made in Barbourville, KY U.S.A. We act like buying local is a new concept nowadays. 
 The demolition process never seems to end. However, we are closer to getting the old and making room for the new.


  1. Amazing!! Hard work but most rewarding! Can't wait to see it all finished!


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