I'm dreaming of a white... Thanksgiving?

Last weekend, I was ready (like most of the country) to skip directly to Christmas, and bypass poor Thanksgiving. However, I put off the decorating, making me more satisfied in the long run. You see, I love seasons, and I like to get every last drop of a season while I can. That means, fall does not end until Thanksgiving is over (in my mind). Yet, I was still in a decorating mood and had nothing to decorate except this chalkboard on our cottage porch. So, that's what I did to satisfy myself. (Yes, the design came from Pinterest.)

This year has been full of hard times for my family, but this verse helps remind me
despite the circumstances to be thankful.

However, the fall season did not make it all the way to Thanksgiving this year. Much to every one's happiness, Thanksgiving was beginning to look a lot like Christmas, thus justifying the Christmas trees in people's living rooms across the county. We were given a winter storm threat, which like most threats can't be taken seriously because it left us with just a light layer of snow on the ground. So for those dreaming of a white Thanksgiving, they got it.

Winter began.
The snow was beautiful and up here in our little cottage it felt as if we were snowed in in the middle of nowhere. So the decorating fever hit and I wanted to make the whole place warm and cozy in case of another snow (which it looks very possible we will have more this winter). So while many were out shopping for others on the biggest holiday of the year, Black Friday, my mom and I were shopping for ourselves for Christmas decor.

Time to go decorate.


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