November 30, 2013

I'm dreaming of a white... Thanksgiving?

Last weekend, I was ready (like most of the country) to skip directly to Christmas, and bypass poor Thanksgiving. However, I put off the decorating, making me more satisfied in the long run. You see, I love seasons, and I like to get every last drop of a season while I can. That means, fall does not end until Thanksgiving is over (in my mind). Yet, I was still in a decorating mood and had nothing to decorate except this chalkboard on our cottage porch. So, that's what I did to satisfy myself. (Yes, the design came from Pinterest.)

This year has been full of hard times for my family, but this verse helps remind me
despite the circumstances to be thankful.

However, the fall season did not make it all the way to Thanksgiving this year. Much to every one's happiness, Thanksgiving was beginning to look a lot like Christmas, thus justifying the Christmas trees in people's living rooms across the county. We were given a winter storm threat, which like most threats can't be taken seriously because it left us with just a light layer of snow on the ground. So for those dreaming of a white Thanksgiving, they got it.

Winter began.
The snow was beautiful and up here in our little cottage it felt as if we were snowed in in the middle of nowhere. So the decorating fever hit and I wanted to make the whole place warm and cozy in case of another snow (which it looks very possible we will have more this winter). So while many were out shopping for others on the biggest holiday of the year, Black Friday, my mom and I were shopping for ourselves for Christmas decor.

Time to go decorate.

November 3, 2013

Trying Transformation

Saturday, we began taking down some walls that would no longer be used when we build our new bathroom, closet, and dining room. I wanted to show the transformation to remind (mainly myself) just how far we are getting for two people who work full time and remodel on the side.

The room used to be a bedroom with a tiny closet. (I want to kick myself for not getting a good full room shot.)

Back in the spring, we tore out the drywall, and removed the door frames.

 This was the result. You can see the bathroom walls are still in tact. The duct work and wiring is still in as well.

Then, we went to work on the bathroom. This is what the bathroom looked like before:

We gutted it as well.

Walter removed the duct work. Since we finally decided on a floor plan, we went to work on removing unnecessary walls. 

The walls are down, but we still have to clean up.
Taking a break after the hard work.
The bedroom wall, closet wall, and bathroom wall no longer exist.

This poor tub has been used by us in all the wrong ways. 

I started taking up the rotten wood flooring. But with the tub still in, it made it a little difficult.
On the bottom of every board was a stamp saying it was made in Barbourville, KY U.S.A. We act like buying local is a new concept nowadays. 
 The demolition process never seems to end. However, we are closer to getting the old and making room for the new.

November 1, 2013

Fall on the Farm

October started with eighty degree weather. In fact, our annual Daniel Boone Festival had most of us longing for shade. You could catch people in tanks, tees, and shorts. Then, temperatures dropped just like they were Wyle E. Coyote chasing the Road Runner off a cliff in a Looney Toon.  Suddenly, it was rainy and cold. Then, everyone around me began sniffling and coughing. Pretty soon I found myself doing the same. In fact, I've had a head cold for two and a half weeks now which really hasn't allowed me to do much of anything.

Yet, the weather warmed up a little. And even though my head still feels like I'm living underwater, if I can work I can play right? So, we had our first bonfire on the farm. A group of teens from a camp I work at during the summer (and during the year when there is no class) came up and we had devotions around a fire. It was nice singing songs and spending time together.

During some of our cool nights, the two of us roasted marshmallows, ate smores, and watched the sparks fly. It was kind of romantic. Walter also taught me how to shoot a rifle and a handgun. When I blew the cap off a buttermilk bottle we were using as a target, he looked at me and told me, "If we're ever in a zombie apocalypse, I wanna be on your team." Oddly, I found that sweet and possibly even more romantic than sitting around the fire together. This can only mean two things: 1. I've been watching too much Walking Dead. and 2. I'm becoming more of a redneck each and every day.

Through all of our "adventures" I would look around and wonder, "Are the leaves ever going to change colors? Are we ever going to see visual proof of fall?" I was very curious to see the colors our new landscape could conjure up. And much to my disappointment, I hadn't seen any. Last week, I looked out my window and saw all the colors I had been waiting so (un)patiently to see.

And just as quickly as it came, it was gone. In fact, today our beautiful red tree was bare thanks to the fifty mile per hour wind we experienced last night. Well, fall, it was nice while it lasted.

As far as construction goes, Walter has cleared lots of  brush and made lots of brush fires. We had someone cut our hay for us and that cleared much of our land. We've also finally drawn up  plans for our renovation! It's a much longer process than I ever imagined. And honestly, I had no clue what we were getting into, but I think know that it will be worth it.

The tractor that cut our hay. I want one just like it.