We've Got Mail!

October has brought us the most beautiful weather here in southeast KY. We've had warm temperatures, and the clearest blue skies. (Skies we missed dearly during our rainy summer.) Temperatures have been hanging in the seventies and eighties.

Walter and I have been taking advantage of the warm weather and doing some outdoor projects (besides mowing and bush hogging.)  The housework is on hiatus for a few weekends now so we could accomplish some much needed projects outdoors, while the weather still permits.

Project 1: Mailbox.
While a mailbox is one of the first things we probably should of worked on, most of our mail is sent to my parents house, so we thought it could wait.

However, when our garbage bills was floating around in the mail and caused us to be late on our payment. We decided we must have a mailbox.

 Last weekend, Walter cut the pole, and glued the boards it's mounted to together. Together we dug the hole and concreted it down.  A simple project? Yes. Yet, we are learning that even the simplest of projects takes up most of our weekends. After a couple weekends of work, we finally put up our mail box (one of two).

We used on old telephone pole for a post. Walter is leveling it off.

The mailbox is on the small property we own across the road from our house. It stops at the railroad tracks. 


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