Helping strays along their journey.

So, you probably don't remember this from way back in an early post, but I had said living here made me feel like a pioneer woman who would offer food and comfort to straggling strangers who were lost, worn, or just needed a rest stop on their way to another place. Well, those weren't my exact words, but those are close.

Little did I realize I would become this woman. Little by little, I'm learning how to make real meals and keep a home in order  a step above chaos.  I am, however, helping weary wanderers find rest and a good meal. They just happen to be dogs and not humans. Last weekend, a little dog we called Chico came to stay. He was a friendly little guy, who was dying to be loved and to live in our house. Unfortunately, we couldn't keep him, but we did find him a home with Walter's dad.

The past few weeks, we've been a refuge for this guy:

Meet Ole Roy.

We met him about three weeks ago. He was on a trail howling and would not stop for anyone or anything. For almost two weeks, we could hear him howling, but he would never stop or respond to us. It was as if he were a dog on a mission and couldn't be bothered.

Last weekend, he found me out at the apple tree picking apples. He wasn't howling anymore. His nose was chapped and he was skin and bones. I fed him. Then, a few hours later he was gone. The next day, he came back. I fed him again. He stayed around for a few hours, then, went back on his way.

We hadn't seen him for a week, when he appeared yesterday in the rain soaked to the bone. What could I do, but feed him again? (Just look at those eyes.)
When I bought the welcome mat, I never realized dogs would take it seriously.

 He stayed all day curled up on our porch with our other dog, Ruth. Ruth and Roy. Makes a cute pair.

Don't get too attached, Ruth. He's a drifter.


  1. Aw he is cute...He would be a keeper here LOL! Did you know that beagles is the KY State Dog?


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