Anyway, like I was sayin', apples are the fruit of the tree.

You can put 'em in a pie. Boil 'em. Can 'em. They's apple butter, apple crisp, apple jelly...

And it's apple season at Roundtree Lane.  Now, I've begun to realize how Bubba felt in the shrimp business. You can do almost anything with apples. And thanks to the world wide web, I am managing to try a few new things.
Plenty of these beautiful apples hanging patiently waiting to be picked.
About the end of August, Walter saw that the apples on the tree were looking ripe. My sister in law was our first "customer" picking as many as she could reach. She made a few stops and filled up a few bags to take on the road with her. 

By labor day weekend, she requested some more apples to use at a camp retreat. We picked three Walmart bags full of apples and sent them on their way. 

Now, in mid September the branches are weighed down with these delicious apples (not sure what kind they are). 

Feeling guilty about not using the resources at my fingertips (literally), I decided to go apple picking.

Thinking of the possibilities.

Just a small amount.

Apple Pie Quinoa Breakfast Casserole (11)-2
Apple Pie Quinoa Breakfast Casserole
from Healthful Pursuit.
There's something about this season (and living here in general) that makes even a non-domesticated girl want to slow down and pretend she is living on a prairie.  The past few years, we haven't had a real kitchen and I've relied on Ronald, Wendy, and a Colonel for food. It feels so nice to step back and actually cook meals again. Now, I wish I had time to grow more food, and learn how to can. Not to mention, milk cows and gather eggs. Maybe someday.

Picking apples lets me live out a snippet of this dream. So last weekend, I decided to hone in on my domestic skills. (Although they are so limited, the target was very, very small.) My first try was a breakfast recipe. Another one of my sister in laws (who finds lots of delicious recipes) made a pumpkin pie quinoa breakfast casserole which I loved. I decided to try it with apple. [Find the recipe here.]

Later that afternoon, I filled my crock-pot up with apples and made two jars of apple butter. [Recipe here.] We had some of the apple butter for breakfast this morning with homemade biscuits, scrambled eggs, and bacon. (Yes, I'm tootin' my own horn now for actually making breakfast.)

After breakfast, Walter and I watched a few of our friends eating the apples that fell to the ground and realized that it was time to try another recipe.

We don't have to worry about rotten apples with these four around.

So tonight, following a bowl of chicken n' dumplings. I made apple crisp. I topped mine with ice cream and drizzled it with caramel syrup.

Now, my stomach almost hurts, I am so full. I probably need to just eat them the way the deer do.


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