Back to Work

Every time we think we are getting close to having everything ripped, torn, and smashed out, we find another piece of drywall somewhere. We spent all day-- after spending all day yesterday doing the same thing-- removing the rest of the drywall left in the house.
Haven't we cleared this already?
I really wish I would have taken pictures of the HUGE piles of drywall we had before we had cleaned it up as much as in these pictures. It was truly a sight to see.
Then, we found ourselves knee deep (ok, that's a SLIGHT exaggeration) in insulation. This was after Walter had spent a few days clearing it out himself. Some of those days were spent crawling around in attic space (in 90 degree weather) with a broken in half broom trying to sweep insulation out a hole in the ceiling into a trash bag. It's a long story. Anyway, he got tired of that method, busted out the ceiling and let the insulation and drywall fall where it may. 

By the way, if you know if this insulation is harmful to our health, please don't share that with us. I prefer the ignorance is bliss approach in life. 


We cleared it. Mom, Dad, and I shoveled, scooped, and carried out garbage cans full of insulation and drywall from the upper floor and to the lower floor. Let me tell you, walking up steps carrying heavy trash cans while wearing one of those masks-- not easy. We were breathing like chain smoking triathlon participants. 

After a few hours of carrying loaded down trash cans up and down stairs, our brains started overpowering our brawns.
We, then, got the idea that we'd throw the ruins down to the lower floor, shovel the ruins into the tractor bucket through a downstairs window, and Walter would dump the demolished house parts into the dumpster. 

Easier, yet still tiresome.
Starting to see progress.
Then, you'd turn your head and see this. 
This method made us happy because it was easier on our backs, and it made Walter happy because he could use his new tractor.
Tossing it out the window into the tractor.          
We used the tub to hold some of it.
Why were we so desperate to get this completed this day? We needed to get that dumpster out of here. It was costing us. 

And here's the after. 

Here's the upstairs:



And the downstairs:


The picture above was the room the before pictures were taken in. Major improvement.


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