April 5, 2013

Demolition Derby

The past week and a half has been packed with working at the farm. So, I've got lots of updates to share (I updated the previous post with pics as well). I'm trying to catch up on all of the posting, so I won't have to back date all the posts from now on.

Saturday, March 23:
The next room we worked on destroying was the bedroom.  The two of us tore out the outside walls, but left the ceiling and the interior walls standing. (We couldn't do more because we were heading to Lexington that evening.)

Monday, March 25:
Walter went over to the farm to work while I had class. He removed the ceiling tile and the interior wall.

Tuesday, March 26:
While Walter went to work with the shop vac upstairs, I went to work on the walls. I got about this far, and then, Mom and Dad showed up to help. Mom and Dad came over to help us tear the rest of the drywall and ceiling out of the living room. 

My favorite quote from the whole time we have been working over here: "Walter left the three stooges down here to work by themselves."-- Mom.

 The reason for her statement is because we were a little majorily accident prone.

Nyuk, Nyuk, Yuck moment #1: Dad is tearing out the dry wall over the windows (that you see above) when suddenly I hear a painful groan and the crow bar hit the floor. I look over to see blood spurting out all over the wall and the floor. We aren't sure what happened exactly, but fortunately we had a first aid kit, and had one chair for him to sit down and regain composure and stop the bleeding. It was bad, but the trooper somehow managed to keep going.

We decided Dad was Moe because he actually got hurt.

One of these day's your gonna poke my eyes out moment #2: Somehow, Mom had the most (could have been major) accidents. She stepped on a nail, but fortunately felt it before it went through her shoe completely. AND she moved a ladder while a hammer was sitting on top of it causing the hammer to fall down and land one inch beside of her body.

If I didn't know better, I would think she were showing off. So, Mom was Larry because she had the most accidents, but miraculously went unscathed.

I guess, that makes me Curly because I was just laughing the whole time. (EXCEPT at the real injury. I did my best to help there.)

While tearing out the ceiling, we found all kinds of papers and odd things from the 60's and before that belonged to the Foley's. Meanwhile, the pile of drywall got larger and larger.
This is what Walter was working on upstairs.
Wednesday, March 27:

Walter's dad and sister Amanda came over to help out. Walter and his dad worked to remove the upper cabinets and the lower cabinets from the kitchen (I don't have a picture of only the cabinets removed) , while Amanda and I pulled nails out of the baseboards.

Friday, March 29: 
Walter had the day off and three of our friends, Sarah, Erin, and Peter, came over to help him pick up the huge piles of drywall lying in every room. I just want to say that this was no easy feat. The dry wall left about two to three feet walking space around the perimeter of the room and some spots were up to our waist high.

We are renting a dumpster so "the crew" shoveled trash cans full of dry wall and carried them to the dumpster on a dolly. By the time I got home from work (around 4 pm), there was no dry wall to be found. Not even a speck. Walter told me that Sarah had even vacuumed to get as much as she could up. As if that weren't amazing enough, they had also torn out some more drywall.

They tore out this wall between the kitchen and the living room. We were pleasantly surprised that this is not a supporting wall. Gives us more options.

They had also torn out the wall between the living room and the bedroom and the closet wall.
Mom ended up stopping by. We showed her the amazing work, but then she mentioned she had brought gloves and a hat to work some if we were planning on it. I said she and we worked on tearing a wall out of the kitchen.

Can you spot the wall we tore out.
Ever since we have been tearing out drywall, I've been playing this game (in my head mostly) but the bigger piece you tear out, the more points its worth. Well, so far, Mom and I have the high score because the retro panels came out in one huge piece. We stopped working once we found Walter lying on his back on the floor hammering away at the air like one of those wind up toys that fall over but can't stop moving.

OK, he wasn't that bad, but he was bad.

No more cabinets.

Monday and Tuesday, April 1 and 2:

Walter and I have  finally come up with a floor plan that we are pretty happy with. After that, we tore everything else that needed out out. So here is what it looks like to date:

The white taped together panels are gone now.



We haven't started the bathroom yet.
We even got a little work done upstairs.

Last [dry]wall standing (Actually, it isn't.)

There is just a little more to do downstairs, but it is on its way.

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