March 10, 2013

The Lay of the Land

The property, which used to be the Foley farm, is 12 acres of rolling (?) land. On the land sits two houses-- the homestead (as I like to call it) and the rental house up further on the hill-- and two barns.

On closing day, we got to meet all of the brothers and their wives who shared stories about their life on the farm. They cherished this place and were very happy that a young couple would be settling into it. It was a blessing to hear the history of the place.

Ever since we've bought this place, I have imagined Walter is a farmer working all day out in the field or a cowboy herding cattle while I boil water on a coal burning stove, tend to the garden, and help poor lost souls who are trying to find their way back to town.

Ok, so the house isn't THAT old, and we will have electricity. I guess I've watched too many of those western hallmark movies... Anyway, this place has tons of potential, and I could definitely see some tractors and cows in our future.

The driveway is lined with walnut trees planted
by Ray Foley (one of the  sons) at the age of  nine or ten.
Front of house from driveway

There is the tire swing in perspective to the house.
The driveway leads to a garage.

This old tire swing is found next to the drive way.

The biggest barn in the background.
Part of the garage.

Property extends to the tree line

Inside the big barn

Big Barn Interior
View of the house from the big barn

You can see this barn isn't in terrific shape.
The small barn. My favorite.

Interior of the small barn. It's still solid.
Melody and I tested out the loft.

House (Rear view)

Small barn as seen from the back of the house.

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  1. wow, I see why you all fell in love with this is beautiful! I love the barns the walnut tree and the drive way...