March 10, 2013

The Creative Side; A Sneak Peek

Presenting: Challenges, drawbacks, major leaps forward, and some beauty/really awesome pictures in the process.
Here are a few pictures that I really enjoyed. Of course, I'm not adding the full house view, I'll let Jess take care of that. But here's some insight of what to look forward to.
A "Murby" and some "puncture resistant gloves"

Whats that you say? A barn? 

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's A-PICTURE-OF-A-BARN-WITH-THE-SKY-er-man.
Or maybe it's just a barn...

Chair? Stair rail? Mysterious pickets?

This is pretty awesome.

Perhaps this is a good place for a photo op, hmm?

Clean up, clean up

Hawaiian wallpaper? 

Someone wanted to add their name.

Candid barn/grass/walking shot

*pant pant pant pant*

What could this be?

We did happen to see a lot of these.

Someone gets a lovely idea for this later.

"Easter flowers"

Candid Coke bottle shot

THIS IS MY HOLY WALL. Er um holey..

The Back Street Boys apparently rule in this garage.

This is a rather exciting area of the house. Find out why later.

Wall, ceiling, floor, or something else?

Lots and lots of these.

Step step step

We're going somewhere.

This may be exciting to see later.

I spy with my little eye...

What could all this be? And water? Well, well, well.
Now you should be excited to see some of the real pictures of what's really going down.  Funny things happen often.

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