The Attic

This is my favorite part of the house.When I first saw the home, everything on the first floor was either covered and painted or trashed. When I went upstairs, I was able to see a what the house could look like with a whole lot of TLC. 

The attic is more like a second story. The staircase leading up to the attic is hidden behind this door which is located in the hall off of the living room. The staircase runs in the middle of the house.
If we don't use this door for the attic entrance,
I 'd like to make a doggie door out of it.

The staircase is wide and a straight shot to the next floor.

Below are some detail shots of the steps and the railing. The railing looks a little more finished and less worn.

At the top are two windows that give the room lots of light.
You can't tell from these pictures, but this open space is large enough to put a lounge area.

You can see how the railing on the left is a little awkwardly designed. There is about a foot of space  between the railing and the wall.

There are two small doors that lead to open attic space.
Here is the other attic storage area. You can get an
idea of  what the doors look like without the paint
job too.

View of the lot through one of the windows.
There is a cozy little room that we will probably use as an office up  here. I had a hard time getting good pictures, but here's what I have.
The lighting is terrible, but this room overlooks the back yard. You can see one of the barns from it.

This wall has a tiny door that leads to more attic storage.

This wall has had it rough. The ceiling has an arch in every room in the attic.

Here are some shots of the ceiling and the lighting.
Not sure what this is.
It's a little disorienting to look at, but it lets you see that the upstairs is in as rough shape as the downstairs.

You can see how pretty the trim is when it hasn't been coated with paint.

Here is the second bedroom.

Again it has the double windows as many of the rooms in the house do.
The trim has been painted over. The floors are pretty much untouched.

The wall was starting to pucker and wrinkle in the bedroom. The first pic is a shot of the baseboard. The second pic shows the same thing occurring on the ceiling.

That's it. That's what we are working with. The structure is sound, but years of renting and little care have left it calling out to be restored. We have both wanted a project like this. We were never satisfied with a new home and a little lot. Now we have (most, kind of, a skeleton) what we want, we are just going to have to work hard to make it happen.


  1. I know it is a lot of glad you two are taking on remolding and restoring. I hate to see old American Farm houses falling in and rotting from neglected. Beautiful floors and the old farm house doors.


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