Room by Room

Warning: The images you are about to see are probably not what you expect. Well, actually you did see all the trash in the yard so this is probably not going to be very shocking...

Now, I'm about to open the door to let you in to our humble, fixer upper abode. On the tour, please refrain from using any of the real estate jargon you might of picked up from  HGTV. I'll go ahead and answer those popular burning questions. Yes, the kitchen is outdated. No there aren't stainless steel appliances. Yes, there are hardwood floors under the linoleum.

Front door. Poor screen.

The house was built in 1946. I don't think it has been updated... ever. Well, there are laminate floors covering the hardwood beneath. Maybe that counts?

Today's room: The kitchen.

This would be the view as you come in the front door. Oh, the possibilities. The doorway leads to an entry from the side porch on the right. The basement door is the door that is open. A bedroom door is parallel to the kitchen doorway.

Plenty of windows!
Door leading to the front porch.
Creepy dungeon locks.
The entry to the living room.
A kitchen fit only for:

What we are keeping: 
    The trim (which will be stripped).
    The floors beneath the linoleum (we checked and they are in pretty good condition, save a few pieces)
    The cabinets (gasp). But not in the kitchen. Rather than gracing our kitchen with their peachy presence or chucking them into the backyard (see Clean Sweep post for inside joke), we are going to reuse them in the garage for storage.

We can design whatever kind of kitchen we want.

 The layout of the kitchen is awkward and we are trying to figure out how to create a better flow.
 It will have to be an eat in kitchen.
Kitchens are expensive.


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