Room by Room: The ? Room

Hokay... so... [Insert traditional blogger list of excuses as to why I haven't updated in nine days here.]

Now that we've gotten that out of the way. 
I had a house to show you, right?

This is the room that was considered a bedroom--but not to us. And we're the owners so we can change it if we want. We've had several ideas for the room such as : laundry room, pantry, bedroom, dining room, entry. Right now, we're thinking entry.

Purple paint. Possible perk or poor pick? 

Same hard wood flooring that runs through the rest of the house. Only painted red. (The closet floor was left untouched.)

One of two windows. View of the porch and the garage.

Walnut trim painted white.

Second window looks out to back yard.
?   <-- By that I mean, there is a plethora of possibilities. (Sarcasm sign?)
Small for a bedroom (especially when we expand the bathroom)
Small closet

What we're keeping:
The studs and the trim


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