Mass Destruction

      As I said in earlier posts, there is a lot of work we wanted to do. Back in the winter (when it was warm), Walter and I made our way to the farm to get started on the remodeling. Ripping out drywall was our first step. We started in the mystery room and began working counter clockwise around the house.

Day 1
This is the area I was working in before the destruction.

Here it is after removing some of the drywall.  The black covering is what separates the studs from the exterior rock. 

I don't know why I didn't take better shots of this room.

The window to the left is the same window that is pictured above. Walter tore a little of the ceiling down to see what it looked like above.

Pulling nails.

Busting up more drywall. Standing on the rubble left from the other walls.

It took a few hours to get all the walls torn out and the nails pulled. We called it a night.

Day 2

  We took out the rest of the ceiling and the doorways to open up this room.
Half of the ceiling is gone. Walter is having to vacuum some of the insulation that fell through the ceiling.

There was a door way here causing three doors to hit into each other.

 Cool find:
Some welding notes that fell out of the ceiling written in 1948.
The room now has everything torn out. No ceiling, walls, closet, doors, or trim.

This is the ceiling view. The boards are just lying on the rafters. If you look closely, you can see the opening to the upstairs area.


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