Day 1: Clean Sweep

When buying this property, we were sure of three things:
    1. Old house + acreage + location = what we both wanted.
    2. This place was going to be a lot of work (inside and out).
    3. The previous tenants boycotted Mills garbage their entire stay in the house.

Alright, so we were only sure about the first two, but I have plenty of evidence that would support my third statement. Although I can't confirm that the act of dumping all your trash in your yard was because of some long standing disgruntle about the garbage service or a stand against the horrors of garbage trucks, I can conclude that the yard was a dump.

I'm not talking a stray dog got into our garbage, and we missed a McDonald's cup in the ditch.
I mean: "Honey, will you take out the trash?"
            "Sure." Then, walks to back porch, opens up the trash bag and flings all contents into yard.

To be fair, they didn't always dump their trash off their back porch.

Can you spot the object(s) that don't belong in this picture?
Sometimes, they walked all the way to the garage.

This was our first work day on the farm. The itinerary consisted of cleaning up the yard and sweeping various surfaces.   (Thus, the clever title: Clean Sweep.)  Our crew consisted of two men and three four women: Walter and I, my parents, Amanda and Melody.

Walter and Dad did the sweeping (garage and basement floors) and picked up trash.

Mom swept the cobwebs off the ceiling of the basement and picked up trash.
Cob web free in 2013.

Amanda and Melody picked up trash. Like crazy. In fact, by the time I took this picture they had cleaned up half of that ditch line. It is remarkably clean now.

While it may look like I just took pictures, my hamstrings beg to differ. I crab walked around the yard picking up trash. Around the house, Mom and I would take turns raking and shoveling the trash into the garbage bins. Yeah, there was that much.

By the end of the day, we had a truck load of trash.

If this had been a competition, the following awards would have been handed out:

While everyone was phenomenal in helping and we couldn't have done it without them, the MVP award (most valuable pick-up) goes to... Melody and Amanda! The Work boot award.
One man's trash is another man's treasure. Congratulations.

 Laziest worker goes to our dog Ruth, who lay under a tree and watched us all.

Every job needs a supervisor. 
Creepiest award is this toy. Yikes.
How many post do you think we can put Murby in?


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